AxE can be a daunting MMO when first starting, but this guide will show you how to get started with guilds, develop your equipment for maximum efficiency, & farm for crafting materials.

The dream of a full-scale MMO điện thoại game is here with Nexon"s freemium titleAxE: Alliance vs Empire. As you might expect, there are anoverwhelming amount of menus, options, and PvE và PvP quest lines to follow. Everything can leave new players completely lost.

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For those just diving intoAlliance x Empire, we can cull the guesswork and help you thrive, no matter what class you picked, or whether you want to lớn focus on player battles or story missions.

A Quick Warning For Phone Players

First up, I don"t recommend playing this trò chơi at all if you are using amobile device with only 8-16GB of storage and no ability lớn save games on an SD card.

AxE is an actual open-world MMO, so lớn save space & make the initial Google Play/Apple Store tệp tin smaller, each new area separately downloads when you reach it on the map.

Even if you delete all of the other apps & move all of your data to the cloud, you will still run out of space if you play long enough; eventually, you"ll be unable to access later areas.

In short, you need a tablet or phone with a decent amount of storage space khổng lồ playAlliance x Empire.

Tips for Getting Started in Guilds


As an MMO with tons of different daily quests, joining a guild as soon as possible will maximize your rewards.

A horde of new guilds are always being created, but unfortunately, many of them go inactive as players drop off, leaving players stranded since the "Leave Guild" option is hidden in an unexpected location.

If you need to lớn drop out of a dead guild, tap the square box icon in the upper right collection of buttons, then choose "Guild" on the right side, followed by "Guild" again in the sub-menu.

From there, tap "View Details" in the Guild member panel. Scroll through the các mục of guild members & "Leave" will be available next to lớn your character"s name.

If you manage lớn land in an active guild, there"s one option that many players are also missing right now. You canteleport to any other guild member"s location automatically rather than trying to hunt them down on foot.

In the same Guild Details area describe above, just tap the icon with a shoe & an arrow found next khổng lồ the player"s name khổng lồ move to their position.

Developing Your Equipment for Maximum Efficiency


If you aren"t going lớn spend money on packs, you are in for a grind; getting past the harder missions và unlocking new nội dung without packs can be a slog.

Story quests 5-12 & 7-12, in particular, are where players often get stuck.

There are ways around the wall, though. Upgrading, with a proper plan, is the most effective. The most useful way khổng lồ upgrade your character is to hone in on a great piece of equipmentand continuously develop it lớn higher tiers.

Each item"s max level is capped until you increase it to lớn the next tier; you can vì chưng this by combining two similar items that are already maxed out.

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The cửa nhà progression in AxE breaks down like this:

Normal -> Fine -> Rare -> Epic -> quality -> Mythic

Upgrade stone requirements increase exponentially at each tier, eventually requiring a whopping 200 stones to lớn upgrade to Mythic. If you keep a steady stream of upgrades going with gear you actually use, it doesn"t take long to lớn get your best weapon or armor up khổng lồ Epic or Unique.

When developing weapons or armor, it"s important to lưu ý that there"s not much point in starting with Fine equipment; that"s because the cost khổng lồ reward ratio just isn"t worth it.

Instead, it"s better khổng lồ start with Rare and work your way up to lớn get the most out of all your tăng cấp materials.


Don"t forget that developing gear each day, even if it"s gear you don"t intend to use, also nets you additional daily achievements, which results in more gold & loot chests for extra tăng cấp opportunities.

Players also get achievements for hitting specific attack và defense tiers, which is why you want khổng lồ upgrade your equipment. However, there"s another way to lớn get achievements, even if you"re fresh out of nâng cấp stones or fodder items.

If you don"t have the materials you need lớn upgrade equipment, a good strategy is khổng lồ reset your skill points and pump them all into the passive Enhance ATK & Enhance DEF skills. Doing so will usually bump your attack & defense stats up enough khổng lồ hit the next achievement, granting you a new slew of rewards lớn put towards developing equipment.

After earning the achievement, just reset your skills again và put your points back into whatever skill configuration you prefer. It"s useful to give this a shot after several story quests if you find you aren"t leveling fast enough.


How to Farm Efficiently & Maximize Time

If you want khổng lồ get to lớn the kết thúc of the trò chơi as an F2P player, you"re going khổng lồ have lớn invest a good amount of time intoAlliance x Empire. Knowing that, it makes sense that you need lớn know how lớn farm efficiently to maximize time spent in game.

Because you can mix the trò chơi to auto-battle, there are repeatable quests you should be farming during your time away from the game; in turn, this will help you cấp độ faster.

Focus on the sub-quests in each region, then the daily quests, & once those are completed, focus on the repeatable quests over và over. You can find all of these quest types grouped together in the Battle screen, withdaily quests unlocking once you complete story mission 1-11.

To make each daily or repeatable quest worth your time, always activate the Hero"s Blessing scroll before you start farming, as it significantly upgrades your gold và experience gains. Hero"s Blessings are often unlocked by completing achievements and missions.

After working through the daily quests & repeatable quests, there"s another way khổng lồ farm, one you shouldn"t overlook.

Double tap the minimap in the upper right corner khổng lồ access the world map. From there, you can track elite monsters.

By heading lớn lower cấp độ areas, you can often take these bosses on solo for great rewards. In particular, you should aim khổng lồ complete the World quái dị three times a day for maximum farming rewards.

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Those are all of our basic AxE MMO strategies you need lớn knowbefore getting started. Follow these tips, và you"ll be better prepared for everything the game will throw at you in the mid- to lớn late-game.