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< + two objects > I don"t bear them any ill feeling (= I vì chưng not continue khổng lồ be angry with or dislike them).

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Bear means lớn tolerate something, usually something that you dislike. It is most commonly used in the expression can’t bear. The past khung is bore and the -ed form is borne: …
a large, strong wild mammal with a thick fur coat that lives especially in colder parts of Europe, Asia, and North America:
a person who sells shares when prices are expected khổng lồ fall, in order to lớn make a profit by buying them back again at a lower price
someone who expects prices on a financial market to go down and sells their shares, etc. Hoping to lớn buy them back in the future at a lower price:
The brokerage, which has been a persistent bear in recent months, switched its recommendation from sell to hold.

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The bears are driven by bad economic news from Japan, such as July"s 2.4% monthly slump in industrial production.
The fitness consequences of bearing domatia và having the right ant partner: experiments with protective and non-protective ants in a semi-myrmecophyte.
The iconography of fresco decorations in the same halls bears out & reinforces the difference of emphasis.
Electrostatic potential between surfaces bearing ionizable groups in ionic equilibrium with physiologic saline solution.
It should be borne in mind that the scale is a screen for depressive symptoms rather than a diagnostic instrument.
In some cases, arguments bear semantic properties that, typically, require that they bear a direct grammatical function, but in these cases they do not.
In fact, although the discipline he imposed in his factory was a severe one, it was born of a desire lớn improve his workmen"s lot.
Infants were healthy with no known developmental delays & were born full-term (37-43 weeks) with normal birth weights (2.9-4.2 kg).