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Did you know movie, tv, và video game ratings today aren"t the same as when we were kids? It"s true—& it"s no wonder why we often find ourselves thinking, "Did they really just say that on primetime TV?"

Studies show government và industry movie ratings have become more lenient over time & allow more violent và sexually explicit content inlớn films. What these ratings mean & whether they actually can tell you what"s appropriate for your child, isn"t always clear. Even movies with the same rating released in the same year can differ widely in the amount & type of potentially offensive nội dung.

What Parents Can Do:

To help you navigate these ratings systems, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers the following tips.

Learn the rating lingo. Raters often use quotas or threshold levels for scenes with violence, sex and swearing, that, once reached, push a movie into a higher rating bracket. Although this may make sense for filmmakers, it is often difficult khổng lồ navigate for parents who may not want their child exposed to lớn certain content, such as vulgar language. For them, even one "f-word" may be too many. 




Drinking, drugs and smoking

Positive sầu role models and representation

Positive messages

​​The CSM website and phầm mềm offer age recommendations with each Đánh Giá. Many cable guides now include this age recommendation on their TV thực đơn listings. It can often be found with the CSM check mark biệu tượng công ty.Quý Khách sẽ xem: Comtháng sense digital compass™

​Federal TV Rating Guidelines:

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Industry Movie Rating Guidelines:

The movie industry"s voluntary rating system in the United States offers general guidelines khổng lồ insize parents about the level of nội dung they might find inappropriate for their children. The Motion Picture Association of America"s Classification và Ratings Administration employs a full-time board of 8 to lớn 13 raters, who are required to be parents themselves. They view each film for potentially offensive nội dung, such as violence, sex, drug use & language, và assign ratings based on what they believe sầu a "majority of American parents" would consider the film"s appropriate rating.


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Don"t Forget…

Additional Information và Resources:


About Dr. Cross:


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Cori Cross, MD, FAAP is a pediatrician at Children"s Hospital Los Angeles. Within the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), she is a former executive board thành viên of the Council on Communications and Media and is an official AAP.. spokesperson. Dr. Cross is also a co-author of the AAPhường technical report, Children & Adolescents và Digital Media. Follow her on Twitter Chulặng mục: Game Esports