Download and install red alert 2 on windows 10


As a kid you played Red Alert 2 all the time on your WinXP, why wouldn’t you it’s a helluva fun game! But now almost trăng tròn years later you can’t get the game to run on your Windows 10 machine. So How lớn play Red Alert 2 on your Windows 10? There’s a đoạn clip tutorial at the end of this article!

Do I need to own a legitimate copy of Red Alert 2?


I have old Red Alert 2 CDs, will those work?

Sadly those CDs won’t work on Windows 10. It has something to vì with the installer being incompatible with Windows 10. But there is a workaround. We can work the problem by using the multiplayer-only release by XWIS (which was created under EA’s permission) and copy the the necessary files for single player from the CDs.First go this page and tải về and install XWIS’ Red Alert 2 multiplayer distribution. Then go to lớn your Red Alert 2 Allied CD & copy multi.mix, theme.mix, maps01.mix, & movies01.mix to lớn your Red Alert 2 directory. And then from the Soviet CD copy maps02.mix and movies02.mix khổng lồ the same directory. You might need khổng lồ set the game.exe and ra2.exe lớn always run as administrator and in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or higher.Yuri’s Revenge installer works just fine.

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Therefore you shouldn’t have any problems there. But if your CD is too damaged you can find the multiplayer Yuri’s Revenge distribution here.

Okay, I’ve installed Red Alert 2 and it doesn’t work! How to lớn play Red Alert 2 on Windows 10?

Now that we’ve installed the trò chơi we need to patch it up. The easiest way to vày that is to download the CnCnet client from here. It says Yuri’s Revenge on the download site. But don’t worry if you don’t own it. The CnCnet client also patches vanilla Red Alert 2. So tải về the installation file and follow the installation instructions. It’s pretty easy as the installer detects the thư mục you’ve installed Red Alert 2 so you should be able khổng lồ install it no trouble. After installing the client should start up, so just let it vày so & install any updates it might prompt you to lớn install.

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Ready lớn play commander?

If everything went smoothly you should be able to lớn enjoy Red Alert 2 on Windows 10! and remember the client does not only patch the game itself, but it also provides the means khổng lồ play online.
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