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Bạn đang xem: Dragon ball gaiden tensei shitara yamcha datta ken

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SynopsisWhen a typical high school student attempts lớn sprint down a phối of stairs to get a glimpse up a girl's skirt, he slips & hits his head. The boy wakes up lớn find that he now inhabits the toàn thân of Yamcha within the world of the manga long Ball. Quickly recalling Yamcha's multiple deaths throughout the series và his status as a joke in the real world, the student must now utilize his extensive knowledge of the manga to lớn avoid suffering the original Yamcha's unfortunate fate.


Dragon Ball Gaiden: Tensei shitara Yamcha Datta Ken has been licensed in English as rồng Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha! by VIZ Media.

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I will give this manga credit for one thing, it is definitely an interesting concept. The idea of a schoolchild adept with the world of dragon Ball being thrown into the body of best boy Yamcha had so much interesting và creative potential. That being said, there is a strong emphasis on the "potential"This short manga--emphasis on short--by Mr. Rồng Garow Lee is a xinh tươi mini-story that explored the above-stated concept in an entirely proficient way. The art emulated each era of Toriyama's styles present in the story lớn a surprisingly decent degree và worked as one of the major highlights. My biggest problem is ... Easily how abridged it is. A concept like this could easily thua trận its luster after a while, but I'm sure it could have gone on for a bit longer while still retaining its charm. Overall. The manga is criminally short, especially for the clear thought that was put into it. I would love to lớn see how the story would have been handled at other points that were never shown, và I find it a shame that I'll never see them.I'd recommend this story to any dragon Ball tín đồ looking for a nice 10-minute read. I guess if I had one more minor complaint, the English release's cover is disgusting và is a clear downgrade from the Japanese. Have a nice day!