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Windows Garden - On this occasion I will discuss about the error in the game Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends. For the uninitiated, this Dynasty Warriors is a war game that originally tells about three kingdoms namely Wu, Wei, & Shu.For game lovers especially Playstation 2 users must be very familiar with this game because the gameplay is very exciting. This game has many series, the last is the 8th series & reportedly in 2018 will be the release of the 9th series. But behind it all, theres some errors on the game that produced by Tecmo Koei. I found the error when on loading after pressing Begin Battle, the screen doesn"t respond or freeze like the picture below.

For those who have sầu the same fate as me, I will give sầu some tips to lớn fix the issues. Let"s kiểm tra it out!

Step 1

Run the game and mix the mode as you wish until you see the "begin battle"
button as below, vì chưng not press down first!

Step 2

mở cửa task manager
without exit the game by pressing windows button then right cliông chồng on taskbar select task manager, or press Ctrl, Alt, Delete at the same time & select task manager

Step 3

Find Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends, right click & select Go khổng lồ details

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Step 4

Find Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends then right click select phối priority> high
, then right click again select phối affinity & check cpu 0 only

Step 5

Re-open the game and cliông xã begin battle
, if it has made it baông xã to lớn the task manager và restore the settings like earlier

Step 6

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Note: this only applies lớn 1 game only, so it should be done every "begin battle"That"s all tips from me (Read Also: How to lớn Screenshot and Record When Playing trò chơi on PC).If anything is wrong or want to lớn ask any questions please feel không lấy phí to lớn let us know in the comments section below. Don"t forget lớn subscribe lớn this blog by filling out your gmail below this article to lớn get the lakiểm tra information about games and others công nghệ.