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Play Spiderman games at calidas.vn. Enjoy the swinging from building to building on webs that shoot from your hands. Find the criminals and capture them for the corrupt police. Will they call you a vigilante, criminal, or a hero? Enjoy the most stunning Spiderman games on the internet, only at calidas.vn Games.






The number of superheroes is constantly increasing but none of them are as nimble và elusive sầu as Spider-Man.

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In 1962 the world learned the story about Peter Parker, which is the real Spider-Man’s name, when it was published in the Amazing Fantasy comic book. The character has won, at a glance, the comic book readers' hearts.

The first official Spider-Man video game was released in 1982. It was created for the Atari 2600 platkhung. The main goal of the character was to get lớn the top of the skyscraper, trying to không lấy phí hostages and to lớn defuse bombs on the way up.

In 1984 Spider-Man was spotted in an episode of the Questprobe trilogy, namely in Questprobe featuring Spider-Man. The game was published by Adventure International & supported by multiple platforms like DOS và Spectrum.

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A boom in Spider-Man games being published happened during the 1990s. Video game fans could enjoy fighting, beat ’em up, action releases with the participation of their favorite superanh hùng getting improved graphics & new plot twists. Spider-Man games were accessible for users of Nintenvì trò chơi Boy, different Sega consoles, PC và other platforms.

The turning of the millennium excited the Spider-Man fans with several new Spider-Man games. Peter Parker’s persona was used in action games, arcades, educational programs for kids. The releases were supported by different platforms including such giants as Xbox & PlayStation.

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At present Spider-Man is getting more và more popular và remains one of the most admirable & recognizable superheroes.