give or take

1. Approximately. The phrase is used lớn suggest that the exact number may be above sầu or below the estimated amount. There were maybe trăng tròn people there, give or take.2. Aside from. Give sầu or take the occasional argument, my sister và I get along pretty well.See also: give, take

give or take

Plus or minus a small amount, approximately, more or less. For example, We have sầu ten acres of lvà, give or take a bit, or It should take a couple of hours, give sầu or take. See also: give, take

give sầu or take

COMMON1. You use give or take to lớn show that a number, especially a large number, is approximate. The structure is thought lớn be around two thous& years old, give or take a decade or so.

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It takes about five hours to get there, give or take.2. Give or take is also used lớn mean `apart from". We"re in Manchester, not Sydney, though on a sunny day the two cities bởi have a similar feel to lớn them, give or take the odd beach, bridge, harbour & opera house. Note: You often use this expression humorously lớn suggest that two things are actually very different. See also: give, take

give or take —

to lớn within — (used khổng lồ express the degree or accuracy of a figure). informal 1991 Biyi Bandele-Thomas The Man who Came in from the Baông xã of Beyond Aged twenty-five sầu give sầu or take a few years, he spoke in a detached voice, lượt thích a judge passing the death sentence. See also: give sầu, take

give sầu or ˈtake (something)

if something is correct give sầu or take a particular amount, it is approximately correct: It took us three hours, give or take a few minutes. ♢ It’ll cost about $1 000, give sầu or take.See also: give sầu, take

give sầu or take

Plus or minus a small specified amount: The chalet is cthua to lớn the road, give sầu or take a few hundred yards.See also: give, takeSee also:

give sầu or take

plus or minus a small amount I think that he is about 45 years old give sầu or take 5 years.

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give or take|give|take

v, phr. To add or subtract. Used with a round number or date to show how approximate it is. The house was built in 1900, give sầu or take five sầu years.
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