One of gaming's most anticipated titles, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, never arrived. Why? We take a look at the mystery behind Half-Life 3...

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In early 2007 Valve sầu sale director, Doug Lombardi confirmed to Eurogamerthat Episode Three was already in development, which seemed like a solid promise of the game’s arrival later in the year. However, the project lead, David Speyrer, while talking to Roông chồng Paper Shotgun commented on the lack of an Episode Threetrailer at the kết thúc of Episode Two.

“We’re going to lớn try & bởi something pretty ambitious for that project. We don’t want lớn over commit. If you look at the Episode Two trailer that we shipped with Episode One, there’s some pretty radical difference between what you see there và see in finished game. That’s really an artefact of making a trailer for a product that’s still in heavy production. You just don’t know where you’re going lớn end up.”

This seemed fairly innocuous at first, simply a team not wanting to promise the world & not deliver, but with the benefit of hindsight, you have to wonder, was the project already in trouble, và facing possible cancellation for some reason? Maybe not, but it’s a possible hint of what was lớn come, or not, as the case may be.

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October 10 saw the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. This was another high-quality addition khổng lồ the Half-Life 2experience, và delivered even better và varied action, & expanded on the plot. In contrast khổng lồ the mainly urban warfare of the previous game, Episode Two focuses on more open & rural areas, telling the story of Gordon và Alyx’s journey to White Forest and the struggle to stop the Combine’s new super portal.

Finally, we had the ending, và one of the most infamous cliffhangers in gaming, simply because we’ve never seen what happens next. We were all phối lớn play the final episode at Christmas of the same year, but would we?

No, we wouldn’t.Christmas of 2007 came and went, with Episode Three nowhere to be seen. There was no announcement or a delay, the game simply didn’t show up.



The mystery of Episode Three‘s absence was at the forefront of fan’s minds. This was the biggest FPS ever, & one of the biggest games of all time, where on Earth was the next installment? Gabe Newell had talked about it in recent interviews, including on with GTTV, in which he boasted about the new features in the game. Fans dug into all sorts of areas to try and find out more, given the surprising silence from Valve sầu.

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Within the Source Engine SDK (Software Development Kit), a user found references to ‘Episode3,’ but these were debunked by a Valve sầu staff thành viên as being simply leftover assets. Some thought this was a blatant attempt to divert attention, however.

Valve sầu threw fuel on the fire by announcing that Episode Three would miss 2008’s E3. This was followed a month later by some of the first concept art, which placated a few, but could also be seen as a simple stalling tactic. Doug Lombari promised more information on the game by the kết thúc of the year, but guess what? It never arrived, and he blamed other Valve sầu projects, including Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 for the laông chồng of any updates on Episode Three.


Not a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá happened in 2009 with regard to Episode Three. Valve sầu wasn’t idle, though, và khổng lồ the surprise, and some overwhelming venom from fans, instead of delivering Episode Three, the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 was met with outrage, with some fans threatening lớn boycott Valve, và urging others not to buy the game. Petitions were penned, và there was much anger thrown around.

Left 4 Dead 2 went ahead anyway, và it was very good.

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Gabe Newell gave sầu a few interviews in 2010, talking about his intent khổng lồ make Half-Life more terrifying, but as for a release date for Episode Three, there was nothing. Popular magazine, Game Informer rumored that the game wouldn’t arrive in 2010, which was obviously correct, & with it still MIA, more Episode Three assets were found, this time in the Alien Swarm SDK.

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A petition called “Điện thoại tư vấn for Communication” hit its goal of attaining 1,000 signatures. This was sent to lớn Valve sầu, but the petition garnered no response. Comically, Peter Molyneux even wheeled his son onto lớn the camera to lớn ask Valve sầu for answers. It didn’t work.