A:1) His humorous remark made everyone laugh.2) The humorous joke is common property.3) His humorous remark lightened the tense atmosphere.4) She had not intended khổng lồ be humorous.5) The film has some mildly humorous moments.6) The book takes a humorous look at parenthood.7) The writing is brutally tough và savagely humorous.8) a potpourri of short stories and humorous verse.9) The film is at once humorous và moving.10) He had a wide mouth & humorous grey eyes.

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A:The joke was so humorous that I couldn"t stop laughing.I like to be around humorous people because they always make me laugh
A:"Humorous" is a bit formal... we still use it sometimes, but usually written. "a humorous book/article" is a common way to use it. But if I said aloud "I read a humorous article." it might sound stiff. "I read a funny article." is more natural in modern speech.

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Q: These are humorous comics about the daily life of an energetic five-year-old girl & her funny dad, "Yotsutía & !". The adults and teenagers who appear in the manga are all people who love sầu children. They are good friends (or would be good friends once they get to lớn know her) with Yotsuba. One of them, however, always makes fun of Yotsuba"s childishness. The young man Yandomain authority is a friover of his father.In your childhood, you must have had at least one adult who ridicule you from an adult"s point of view when you spoke or did something lượt thích a grown-up. In my case, it was my mother"s younger brother. He was a good man, but when I was a kid, he would often make fun of me when I talked about something as if I were a grown-up. Like, "Did you know that today is Beethoven"s birthday?" "Ha! Is that in Japan time or Germany time?" When I was mentally ill in my early 20s, another man (then 65), who was sort of my trùm, once called me "Hey, Professor" in front of the others, which made me very uncomfortable, but I thought it was a clear and concise way of expressing who I was. (This reminds me, he also called me "Hey, philosopher.") By the way, when Yanda makes fun of Yotsubố, he does not vị it from the perspective sầu of an adult, but rather from the perspective sầu of a boy her age. That"s why it"s a bit difficult to lớn dislike him. Also, when Yotsucha wants someone lớn play with, he plays with her as if a boy of the same age. tính năng này nghe bao gồm tự nhiên và thoải mái không?
Q: You are such a hardworking, humorous person và you make everyone laugh:)In addition to this, you are really good cook!!I enjoyed every single meal you made for us! Lol điều này nghe gồm tự nhiên và thoải mái không?

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A:You are such a hardworking, humorous person and you make everyone laugh:)In addition to lớn this, you are really good at cooking!!I have enjoyed every single meal you have sầu made for us! Lol