Boost pubg fps in your pc


PUBG lag when shooting? What’s the cause of problem?

Many PUBG player experience the phenomenon that a lower frame rate in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds results in less vertical recoil, which means less upward warping of the fired weapon. This in turn is related to a lower fire rate due to lớn the lower frame rate, so the problem only affects fully automatic weapons such as assault rifles & submachine guns.quý khách đang xem: Fix "network lag detected" pubg error in 8 simple steps

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In modern routers, port sharing is actually already automatic – but many applications and games require additional protocols, which must be mix up manually in the router settings. This mainly affects the NAT type for some games, which is often shown as “strict” without sharing, which is bad – an open NAT type would be igiảm giá khuyến mãi. However, by enabling the ports in the router settings, the respective sầu games get all the server access they need for a smooth online experience. You can find detailed instructions on the game developer websites.

Third tip: Avoid delays by using cables instead of wireless

How lớn increase FPS in Playerunknown’s Battleground?

The FPS in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can sometimes get pretty bad – và the lag is life-threatening in the game & has a negative impact on the game experience. The tricks we show you here can increase your FPS in PUBG, however we can not guarantee by how much you will be able lớn increase the FPS as it is dependent on many individual factors. These are the things you can do to lớn increase the FPS in PUBG.

First you can adjust the 3D settings of the respective sầu graphics thẻ.To vày this, simply go to lớn the control panel of the graphics thẻ. This can usually be found under the icons in the taskbar, next lớn the clochồng.Then click on “Manage 3 chiều settings”.Here you now have the choice between “Global settings” and specific “Program settings”. Select the latter.With a cliông chồng on “Add” you can now add Playunknown’s Battlegrounds. In the program danh sách it should say “tslGame”, just look for the logo of the game.Now you can adjust the settings of the respective functions. Here you should set the better performance everywhere and not what might look nicer.The program gives you a comprehensive sầu explanation for each function, so you can easily find và select good settings.For some functions you will have khổng lồ try a little bit, because not every system runs equally well or badly. So please start the game from time to lớn time lớn try out the settings.In addition to this step, you can enter a startup parameter for the game in Steam. This can also boost the performance.You can access the properties by right-clicking on the game in the Steam library.Directly in the first tab you will find the setting “Set start options“. There you enter the parameter “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4”, of course without the quotation marks.

We hope that these tricks help you to lớn increase your FPS in PUBG and reduce lag. So now you don’t have sầu any excuses anymore, why you are always dying so early