Kinematic là gì

adjective(Physics) of or pertaining to lớn kinematics (branch of mechanics which studies pure motion)
Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu tất cả chứa từ "kinematic", trong bộ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo các mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp cần để câu với từ bỏ kinematic, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ kinematic trong cỗ từ điển từ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. This version of the kinematic diagram has proven effective in enumerating kinematic structures in the process of machine design.

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2. The unit of kinematic calidas.vnscosity is the stoke.

3. Optimized design; Fuzzy; Robust; Kinematic Pair Clearance; Spring Actuator.

4. Kinematic calidas.vnscosity is the ratio of absolute calidas.vnscosity khổng lồ density.

5. On the basis of kinematic analysis of rotor & gimbal guideway, the rigid toàn thân kinematic models of single rotor & rotor with the gimbal guideway were derived.

6. In the D-H coordinate, direct kinematic mã sản phẩm and inverse kinematic mã sản phẩm are built based on the homogeneous coordinate conversion, & this procalidas.vndes the foundation for gait plan.

7. The mathematical property of the limit point in kinematic path is clarified.

8. The kinematic analysis và dimensional syn-thesis Problems of robots are studied.

9. The similarity includes geometric similarity,(Sentence dictionary) kinematic similarity and dynamic similarity.

10. This paper presents a new method with driver transformation for the kinematic analysis of the planar mechanisms in high class, based on the Assur group theory và kinematic superposition principle.

11. 18 This paper presents a new method with driver transformation for the kinematic analysis of the planar mechanisms in high class, based on the Assur group theory and kinematic superposition principle.

12. Through this representation the duality of kinematic & dynamic variables is easily recognizable.

13. Kinematic analysis of these rocks may help determine the direction of nappe transport.

14. As an example, the dricalidas.vnng và kinematic pair forces analysis of a 3-DOF planar parallel pneumatic và hydraulic Linkage are obtained in the given kinematic condition of the linkage.

15. The dimensional synthesis problem of mở cửa Kinematic Chain(O. K. C)is studied.

16. The paper presents a matrix representation method for kinematic schemes of mechanical products.

17. The swing curve of guide bar on RD6DPLM/12 3 double needle bar warp machine is given by means of kinematic analysis and the use of self designed kinematic analysing software kits.

18. 16 Diagnostic Study of Jet Streaks: Kinematic Signatures and Relationship to Coherent Tropopause Disturbances.

19. The kinematic behacalidas.vnour of drag achors during embedment in sand is examined in this paper.

20. Counterforce và balance force in real kinematic pair are found by step-by-step approximation.

21. Acoustic calidas.vnscometer và method of determining kinematic calidas.vnscosity & intrinsic calidas.vnscosity by propagation of shear waves

22. The behacalidas.vnour of polycrystalline materials including kinematic hardening is modelled by means of elastic-plastic trusses.

23. Centimeter accurate global positioning system receiver for on-the-fly real-time kinematic measurement và control

24. The gearbox (19) is part of a kinematic chain for mocalidas.vnng an active conductor (8, 9).

25. The kinematic state space representation và its corresponding control equation of the ice - skater robot were presented.

26. 8 The motion error of the tripod universal joint is analyzed on the basis of kinematic analysis.

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27. In this paper, we establish dual kinematic formulas on translative integral geometry by using dual mixed volumes.

28. This paper analyzes kinematic features & design characteristics of cantileverdrill - jumbo"s loading unit by complex number - vector method.

29. The behacalidas.vnour of polycrystalline materials including kinematic hardening was modelled in <1> by means of elastic-plastic trusses.

30. Absolute và relative measurements have been suggested, the latter including relative measurements of absolute calidas.vnscosity and kinematic calidas.vnscosity.

31. Finally, the shakedown problems of rotating disks of such materials under isotropic và kinematic hardening conditions are discussed.

32. Secondly, mechanism analysis of all drawings will be carried out, including topological analysis, kinematic analysis, và computer simulation.

33. & it also got Jacobian matrix by using the speed superposition principle through regarding thiết bị di động platform as Generalized Kinematic Pair.

34. A telescopic kinematic links is used for avoiding the decalidas.vnce damage caused by over-large resistance of the penetration tool.

35. This paper represents the basic principle of kinematic analysis of planar mechanisms carried out by using the vector loop equation.

36. A material with plastic prestrain shows the property of strain hardening such as isotropic hardening, kinematic hardening or mixed hardening.

37. In this paper, parametric variation method is used in kinematic equation of series excitation direct current motor with different turning velocities.

38. This paper presents the first và second order kinematic analysis of the three degree of freedom 3 RPS parallel robot mechanism.

39. This paper presents a complete nonlinear spatial kinematic, mã sản phẩm of a oto steering mechanism with a trapezoid & a Macpherson strut.

40. Figure 12 shows the reference profile for kinematic gauge GEI1 for vehicles which can pass over rail brakes in an active position.

41. 17) A lubrication equation is derived of kinematic pair of the mocalidas.vnng tooth-guidance for mocalidas.vnng tooth transmission of push rod style.

42. 28 This paper presents the first and second order kinematic analysis of the three degree of freedom 3 RPS parallel robot mechanism.

43. The remanent displacement method is presented in this paper using the kinematic inversion for position analysis of over two-grade Planar Linkages.

44. The main reason lớn discard the lubricating oil in use for railway locomotive diesel engine lies in its (kinematic) calidas.vnscosity beyond limiting value.

45. Figure 13 shows the reference profile for kinematic gauge GEI2 for vehicles which may pass over rail brakes in a non-active position.

46. The analysis of the positions of planar liên kết mechanism with high class groups is a difficult problem in the kinematic analysis of mechanism.

47. Kinematic data were obtained from the fluoroscopic images. Kinetic data were derived based on an inverse dynamic mã sản phẩm of the entire cercalidas.vncal spine.

48. The(aeolotropism) & Bauschinger effect resulted from plastic deformation under cyclic loading were reflected by the kinematic hardening mã sản phẩm in the SFEM.

49. It is proved that the actively compensating platform based on hybrid serial-parallel mechanism is of kinematic feasibility for deep ocean mining.

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50. According to the actual structure of a electric automobile rack & pinion steering system, kinematic equation of the steering mechanism is deduced.