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It started with a desire lớn make a bigger impact is a brain training program with over 85 million users và 4 billion games played. In addition to improving, we're also creating new products that combine science, engineering & thiết kế to lớn help people practice Math, Language, Mindfulness, và more.

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Join a company built around values

As has grown, we've sầu thought deeply about how to stay true lớn what really matters. Our 3 core values shape our open spaces, influence our meetings, and keep us motivated.

Exceed expectations

We value the relentless pursuit of improvement khổng lồ deliver excellence lớn our members và to lớn each other. We foster a culture of trust so that each person can find their voice and push us closer lớn achieving our goals.

We believe sầu there is always room for improvement in what we vị and how we vị it.We solve problems by stepping up, providing solutions và making decisions.We hold ourselves and each other accountable for commitments và results.

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Teach and learn from each other

We value openness and transparency because communication shapes the foundation of a svào team. We value voicing opinions because the more we pool our quality strengths, the faster we'll learn.

We leave our egos at the door, assume positive sầu intent và offer honest opinions.We proactively ask for and communicate information across all levels of the company.We form new ways of thinking by regularly sharing learnings and feedback.


Be fearless

We value experimentation & innovation because we learn more quickly when we take risks. We strive sầu to lớn make a difference in our work và for our members every day.

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We think big in terms of what we can deliver và push past first assumptions.We take thoughtful risks to lớn find better solutions.We embrace failure because there are lessons lớn be learned in every outcome.

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