Tổng hợp mã cheat age of empires 1 và cách nhập chi tiết nhất


Video 1: Some game snippets of Age of Empires:

My home iMac

While I wish that calidas.vn Desktop could turn even a 5-year-old MacBook Air inkhổng lồ a super-charged gaming platkhung, the hardware you are running on sets the theoretical maximum for the level of performance you will be able to lớn experience using calidas.vn Desktop.

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In my case, as you can see in Figure 1, my iMac is a 27-inch, Retimãng cầu 5K 20trăng tròn iMac with a fast processor, lots of memory, & a good Clip thẻ. In addition, it has a large SSD for storage. I got this iMac about 10 months ago, và it is the best Mac I have ever used. Even big resource-hungry apps launch quickly and run very well.

Figure 1_About my iMac

calidas.vn Desktop for Mac

As you would expect, I use the lachạy thử version of calidas.vn Desktop, version 16.5, & I have nine virtual machines installed with operating systems ranging from Windows XP.. và MacOS Lion to lớn Windows 10 Insider PReview và macOS Big Sur. (Figure 2.) Normally, I just run one VM at a time, but on occasion I will run three or more VMs simultaneously. There is nothing unusual or special about my calidas.vn Desktop preference settings.

Figure 2_My virtual machines

Windows 10 – my gaming VM

Typically, games take a lot of system resources, so I have changed the configuration details for my Windows 10 gaming VM. I usually run Windows 10 Insider PReviews builds from the Developer Channel, and this VM is no exception:

Windows 10 Pro Insider Pnhận xét, Build 21370, with the Windows 10 Feature Experience Paông xã version 321.9601.0.3

I have sầu the Xbox tiện ích installed (along with required utilities like the Xbox trò chơi Bar and Gaming Services) as well as Microsoft Office for Windows and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 20đôi mươi, & about 60 other Windows apps.

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Age of Empires

Video 1 has snippets both from Age of Empires II & Age of Empires III.


Age of Empires II Definitive sầu Edition (101.101.478trăng tròn.0) with both the Enhanced Graphics Pachồng và the Lords of the West expansion pack.Age of Empires III Definitive Edition (100.12.24632.0) with the United States Civilization expansion paông chồng.

I play both of these in the full screen in Windows, but I use the Window View mode in calidas.vn Desktop. I turn off some of the high-end graphics preferences like Fog Animation và Bloom. At first launch, I vì chưng see a warning that Age of Empires does not detect sufficient graphics memory, but I ignore this warning because I know that calidas.vn Desktop provides graphics memory khổng lồ Windows apps in a manner that Age of Empires does not know about. Age of Empires also runs a quiông chồng processor và graphics benchmark chạy thử, và my system is rated “High” for both CPU & graphics.

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Speaking of benchmarks, Age of Empires II does have sầu an internal game benchmark, which runs for a few minutes with LOTS of players and LOTS of game action (Figure 3). The final score of this benchmark for my iMac is 1172.6.

Figure 3_The Age of Empires II benchmark test

Video 1 contains snippets of game play from some user-contributed custom scenarios, as well as scenarios I created just for this Clip with the Scenario Editors in each game. (Figure 4)

Figure 4_The scenario editors in Age of Empires II and III

If you use calidas.vn Desktop to play some Windows 10 games, tell us in the comments which game & if you changed any specific settings for these games. Do you use the “Games only” configuration in calidas.vn Desktop for Mac?