Ms. Temper và Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기 jtbc (2016) 16 Episodes, Grade: B+
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Have you ever decided to lớn start a K-drama simply because you love the actors in it và not so much because the synopsis of the story intrigued you? Well this was the case for me with 2016"s romantic comedy / corporate business drama Ms. Temper và Nam Jung Gi. I loved the main actor Yoon sang Hyun (Secret Garden
, I Hear Your Voice) and especially Lee Yo Won (from 49 DaysEmpire Of Gold). I"d watch either of them sit và read the phone book in Korean and not be bored. They both have their own special acting talents and charisma, và in this show they play polar opposite characters, yet eventually (VERY eventually), fall in love and tame each other in various ways. I can be lukewarm about corporate intrigue dramas, in general, but when the stars are all excellent lượt thích this cast it makes it more tempting for me to lớn watch.

Then on đứng đầu of these delectable lead actors we had dynamic actorYun Jung Hoon from Mask
Sad Love Story who plays Lee Yo Won"s ex-husband in this drama, who tries khổng lồ come back into her life in both personal và professional ways, to usurp the growing relationship between the lead couple characters. I will watch this intense actor in anything ... short of his 2 vampire series ... I just don"t bởi vì vampire shows & movies. (That"s been a bugaboo of mine for decades).

A fiery beauty, Ok domain authority Jung (Lee Yo Won), is the youngest team leader in the cosmetics industry in Korea and has moved up the corporate ladder at Golden Cosmetics by her own sharp wits & ability to get the best of the men she works with in the office, including her arrogant boss Kim Hwan Gyoo (Son Jong Hak from Beautiful Mind). She has been divorced three times so far, which causes her khổng lồ be a target of gossip in the company & the cosmetic industry at large.

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She"s rather infamous:
she doesn"t care what others think about her và she also has quite a temper, hence her nickname. She even works at Golden with one of her ex-husbands, her first, Ji Yoon Ho (Song Jae Hee). As exes go they get along well on a business level, but da Jung wisely keeps her distance emotionally. She also sometimes has professional dealings with her sleazy second ex-husband, Jang Shi Hwan (handsome Lee Jung Jae from the bomb Temptation), who is Director of JJ trang chủ Shopping Network, who often arranges to lớn have Golden"s cosmetics lines sold for đứng đầu dollar. He still flirts with domain authority Jung on occasion but it"s like water rolling off a duck"s back. He might as well just give up. LOL.She uses him but she doesn"t love him. Later on, her THIRD ex-husband comes back into her life, Lee Ji thanh lịch (Yun Jung Hoon) & he becomes more manipulative behind the scenes than the other two exes combined, mostly due to lớn greed, but also partly for suppressed sexual attraction reasons.

Then we have rival cosmetics company Lovely Cosmetics & their vị trí cao nhất cosmetics designer-creator phái mạnh Jung Gi (Yoon sang trọng Hyun) is an unassuming, placid, divorced single father of a lonely little boy named nam giới Woo Joo (cutie pie Choi Hyun Joon). They live together in a rather small apartment. Along with Jung Gi"s airhead father nam giới Young Gap (Im Ha Ryong) & his lazy (but with untapped potential for later success) younger brother phái mạnh Bong Gil (Hwang Chan Sung). The reason for Jung Gi"s wife leaving him is never really discussed much but the audience gets the idea she thought he was a wimp .. As well he can be, preferring to lớn be "nice" over smart và ambitious (his character reminded me of a line from the năm trước drama Liar Game
, when the lead guy character says to lớn the lead female character, "You are the type of person who thinks being stupid is the equivalent of being nice." Just change the Liar Game nice character from a young woman to a middle aged man & you have Jung Gi"s character khổng lồ a T). He can"t say anything that makes others uncomfortable & he"s timid with people he doesn"t know very well. It doesn"t serve him well in the business world. He"s a creative guy, but it takes more than just creativity to lớn succeed in the corporate world: it takes strength and guts và ambition. This our Ms. Temper has in spades.

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Then comes a day when Jung Gi has lớn try & pitch Lovely Cosmetics" new promising cream to the public, which will rival one from Golden, but he doesn"t get off on the right foot with the critical "Ms Temper" da Jung at ALL. (In fact he makes the ludicrous mistake of thinking she wants khổng lồ go to lớn bed with him, which results in her kicking him out of her suite of rooms). However, during a fight, a sample of Lovely Cosmetics" new cream spills on the floor and Da Jung applies it to her face, alone in a bathroom, with startling results. She had had bruises on her face from the fight và they magically disappear after she rubs the cream into her face! Impressed & intrigued, domain authority Jung puts her feelers out to lớn Lovely Cosmetics and ends up leaving Golden Cosmetics, khổng lồ the ire of her boss. She is happily hired as section chief at Lovely, và little by little she starts khổng lồ respect the team she"s in charge of at this company, and especially Jung Gi and his creativity, & she also slowly starts khổng lồ impress his young son, even though she isn"t exactly the motherly type, or demonstrative at all. The little tyke even ends up asking her to marry him. Too cute.

After several major career goal phối backs và then successes, the team at Lovely Cosmetics becomes almost like a family. Domain authority Jung mellows, and Jung Gi becomes stronger. Therefore I ended up liking Ms. Temper và Nam Jung Gi more than I expected to in the beginning, after a rough start where she was a total shrew & he was a total wimp. Character growth is the BEST thing that K-dramas achieve on a regular basis, và it"s the main reason why they are so addictive. It"s inspiring lớn see people make positive changes in their lives, and grow closer to people they thought they"d never have anything in common with.

If you enjoy these actors, don"t miss it. It ends up being a lot of fun in the long run. There"s also a fun cameo by actor Yoon Shi Yoon, fresh out of the military service, & I got a kick out of seeing him again after two years. He looks more handsome than ever.