Angry birds go! cho máy tính pc windows


Angry Birds Go! for Android takes the never-ending battle between bird & pigs lớn the racing tracks. Drive sầu impossible karts on equally impossible circuits


The battle between pigs và birds of the Angry Birds franchise has landed on Piggy Islvà. But this time around, it"s not about a puzzle of xúc tích or wit just like in the first installments of the game, but now it has to bởi with kart racing. We"ll compete with pigs or birds on impossible tracks full of dangers to which we have sầu to add the malicious intentions of our rivals khổng lồ kiông chồng us off the track.

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Race around Piggy Isl&.

We"re talking about Angry Birds Go! which will definitely remind you of Mario Kart và other similar games, & in which we"ll try khổng lồ become the best driver of Rovio"s franchise. For such purpose, not only will we have sầu lớn be skillful behind the wheel but we"ll also have sầu to visit the garage khổng lồ improve our oto.

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Main features

Once you download the APK of this Angry Birds racing game và install it on your smartphone or tablet, you"ll be able khổng lồ make the most of all the following features. Just take a look:

Play as a pig or a bird. Sit behind the wheel with Red, Chuông chồng, Terence, King Pig, Moustabịt Pig...Colorful 3 chiều graphics.Dodge loads of unexpected obstacles on crazy roads.Use different power-ups to lớn leave sầu your rivals behind.Improve sầu & collect karts.Take part in time-limited tournaments và climb to lớn the top of the leaderboard.Participate in daily races và discover hidden gifts on each trachồng.Take part in the local real-time multiplayer mode.

This title is quite important within Rovio"s successful Angry Birds franchise as it was one of the first sản phẩm điện thoại games to lớn reach such a cấp độ of success. That was mainly due to the fact that it left 2 chiều environments behind và became the first 3D game of the saga, offering us different angles khổng lồ view our characters.

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The game was later followed by Star Wars or Stella, their corresponding movies, cartoon series, và all sorts of merchandising about the never-ending và entertaining war between birds & pigs.