Temple runner 2


In Temple Run, you’re an adventurer where a thirst for discovery và journey runs through your blood. You arrived at an ancient temple, & out of curiosity, you stole the cursed golden idol. Now, you’re in doom because the Evil Detháng Monkeys are chasing you và on your tail. They want the golden idol baông xã to lớn its rightful place! You have lớn run for your life or you’ll be crushed to death. Unleash the Indiamãng cầu Jones in you as you run away from the temple while sliding, jumping & turning to lớn avoid the obstacles. Navigate through a maze of dangerous traps, narrow bridges, cliffs and many more. Earn more coins, unlochồng characters và gain power-ups as you learn various tips when you tải về the online Temple Run game!

Download Temple Run now and let’s see if you can survive this challenging adventure. Do you have the quiông chồng reflexes and agility khổng lồ survive this endless runner to lớn escape the Monkeys that protect the Temple? Play the game now to find out!

Temple Run trò chơi Features:

The worldwide popular game Temple Run is here! Enjoy the game’s fun but challenging gameplay. Playing the game frequently will help you practice in spotting the power-ups and allow you lớn unloông chồng more characters.

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Read below và find more features about the game:

Challenging Gameplay

Temple Run is one of those arcade calidas.vn that have sầu straightforward mechanics but takes the challenge up a notch because of the many obstacles & traps. In fact, there is no single way khổng lồ technically “beat” the game. However, once you get caught in a trap or bang your head in a low-lying branch, you’d go baông chồng to lớn the start và run again. Therefore, this will give you an endless opportunity to lớn refine your technique, slowly beating your previous high score.


Slow Down Tiger

If the action is becoming pretty fast-paced, you can purposefully slow down without risking yourself khổng lồ die. Just run straight towards the low-hanging tree roots and trip over in purpose. This is the easiest tip that you need to lớn rethành viên in Temple Run.

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Plan Your Escape

Although the path and obstacles ahead of you are random, you still have sầu khổng lồ plan your escape. Start with the goal. Do you want to lớn nâng cấp the boosts & perks you have or collect as many coins as you can? However, don’t vì both especially if you’re still a beginner, or else you’ll see yourself getting crushed to death or falling off the cliff. You can maximize your efficiency by determining your goal in the game, may it be khổng lồ beat your high score, nâng cấp the boosts or collect lots of coins.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on a different kind of adventure! Download & play the Temple Run online game today for free! If you enjoyed this game, be sure to check out our other arcade calidas.vn such as Granny’s House Game and Donuts Drift now!