the curved shape of a graph (= a picture showing how two sets of information are related) that shows a wave (= the pattern in which some types of energy move):

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The heartbeat is measured so that various features of the waveform can be used lớn identify the individual whose waveform is being analyzed.

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The rotary devices used offmix weighting which generated sinusoidal waveforms throughout the frequency range.
Effects specific khổng lồ the memory & control tasks, other than the effect of probe status, were approximately canceled in these difference waveforms.
Voltage waveforms were therefore used for measuring spectra because of the more rapid data processing.
The averaged evoked (or event related) potential is assumed lớn consist of spatially và temporally overlapping waveforms generated by different neural systems.
However, grand-average waveforms can be visually deceptive sầu & give sầu the appearance of group differences that are not actually present.
In that case, one can consider the energy và the spectral extent of the waveforms which are directly related to the modulation index.
Learning features và segments from waveforms : a statistical model of early phonological acquisition.
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